Robert Fonod  —  People

Former PhD Students

  • Lorenzo Pasqualetto Cassinis

    • Working title: Monocular-Based Data Fusion for Relative Pose Estimation of Uncooperative Spacecraft

  • Pengyu Wang

    • Working title: Robust and Estimation Enhancing Guidance for Close Proximity Rendezvous Maneuvers

  • Jean-Sebastien Ardaens

    • Title: Angles-only Relative Navigation in Low Earth Orbit

Former MSc Students

  • Martin Henkel

    • Thesis title: Distributed FDI using Recurrent Neural Networks for Thruster Faults in Formation Flying Satellites

    • Collaboration with Jian Guo (TU Delft, LR)

  • Floris van Dam

    • Thesis title: Distributed Collision Free Trajectory Optimization for the Reconfiguration of a Spacecraft Formation

    • Collaboration with Tamas Keviczky (TU Delft, 3ME)

  • Wouter Bouma

    • Thesis title: Design of the European Lunar Penetrator (ELUPE) Descent Module Controller

    • Collaboration with Jian Guo (TU Delft, LR)

  • Eric Lopez de la Encarnacion

    • Thesis title: Model-Based FDI for Agile Spacecraft with Multiple Actuators Working Simultaneously

    • Collaboration with Patric Bergner (Airbus Defence & Space, Friedrichshafen)

  • Hemanth Jagadeeshwar

    • Thesis title: Implementation and Verification of Energy Efficient Software for ADCS

    • Collaboration with Stephan Wong (TU Delft, EWI)

  • Jean-Daniel Crepy-Marglais

    • Thesis title: Development of a Robust and Combined Controller for On-Orbit Servicing Missions

    • Collaboration with Rainer Krenn (DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen)

  • Zheng Wen Tan

    • Thesis title: Optimal Target Defensive Strategies Against Multiple Pursuers

    • Collaboration with Tal Shima (Technion, AE)

Former BSc Students

  • Hamza El-Kebir (honours programme)

    • Project title: Optimal Guidance Law Development for Sounding Rockets